North Georgia Tour – Day #8

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Getting a late start on Thursday, April 26th, I embarked on another tour of the area and stopped for a late lunch at the Nantahala Outdoor Center along US-19W between Fontana Lake and Wayah Road.

My route from Helen, through Clayton, Highlands, Franklin and Hiawassee, with a stop at the Nantahala Outdoor Center for lunch

These are the few photos that I took during this outing.


After returning to Helen in the evening, I stopped by the event hotel for the MSTA North Georgia Classic rally happening the coming weekend since I wanted to meet the early arrivals. Several had indeed already checked into the hotel including Norm Kern, who suggested we all go to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner. Eight of us did do that and enjoyed a nice meal. Since I was still riding my motorcycle, I opted for O’Doulls alcohol-free beer instead of partaking in the pitcher of regular beer that the others ordered.

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