North Georgia Tour – Day #3

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On Saturday morning, April 21st, the weather radar on the Internet showed extensive storm activity in the area. Finally around 11 AM, the weather cleared at the Wildcat Campground, but not until nearly noon did it clear in Helen. Finally just after 12:30 PM, I finally left the motel and rode back to the campground. The following map shows my routes for the day. (Click on map to enlarge.)

My route from Helen to Wildcat Campground, to Blairsville, to campground, and to Helen

Once the weather had cleared at the campground, the other rally attendees proceeded with the day’s scheduled activity, albeit delayed and modified thanks to the weather. Due to my travel time to the campground and then to Blairsville, I missed out on the planned “Poker Run” and lunch at the Union Powersports motorcycle dealer in Blairsville, only arriving there just after 2 PM.

While at the dealer, I met two other motorcyclists, who suggested we all go to lunch at a nearby restaurant that they knew, Cook’s Country Kitchen. We had a nice meal and good conversation.

Around 4:30 PM I headed back to the campground, taking a different route, US-129 south to US-19 and then turning onto Hwy 180, also known as Wolf Pen Gap Road, a very twisty and challenging road. Although the distance was only 27 miles, it took me a full hour to return to the campground, since I also stopped to refuel at the Wolf Pen Country Store at the intersection with Hwy 60.

This evening at the campground included a spaghetti dinner for all attendees. Although there was also a keg of beer on tap, I chose to drink some O’Doulls alcohol-free beer, which another attendee had picked up for me at a market.

Again, at nearly 9 PM I bid the others good-bye and headed back to the motel in Helen, arriving there without incident around 10 PM.

Although I did not take any pictures on this day, other attendees have posted these pictures online.


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