Additional Photos

Summer 2015

During each leg of my journey around the country and at most of the stop-overs, I took many more photos than I could reasonably share in a single travelogue update. In some cases I took numerous photos during segments of a day’s ride, sometimes several along the same stretch of road. Even though they may be in the same vicinity, I decided to post many of them anyway as the sequence can give a better feel for how a ride through the area would seem.

On this page the following index contains links to these additional photos, organized alphabetically by state and also within each state if there are multiple entries for a state.

Note: Due to the large number of photos, I’ve implemented a thunbnail picture list and integrated viewer. Clicking on any thumbnail image will display the image in the viewer panel. You can navigate forward or backward by pressing the left/right arrow keys or clicking on the chevrons («») in the lower left and right corners. Click on the viewer panel to close it.

Click on the link to a specific entry to see the additional photos:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arkansas
  4. British Columbia
  5. Colorado
  6. Delaware
  7. Florida
  8. Georgia
  9. Idaho
  10. Iowa
  11. Kansas
  12. Maryland
  13. Michigan
  14. Minnisota
  15. Mississippi
  16. Missouri
  17. Montana
  18. Nebraska
  19. New Jersey
  20. New Mexico
  21. North Carolina
  22. Ohio
  23. Oklahoma
  24. Oregon
  25. Pennsylvania
  26. Tennessee
  27. Texas
  28. Utah
  29. Washington
  30. West Virginia
  31. Wisconsin
  32. Virginia
  33. Wyoming
  34. Yukon Territory