Additional Photos

Summer 2013

During each day’s leg of this trip and at most of the stop-overs, I took many more photos than I could possibly share in a single e-mail message with my travelogue update. In some cases I took numerous photos during segments of a day’s ride, sometimes several along the same stretch of road. Even though they may be in the same vicinity, I decided to post many of them anyway as the sequence can give a better feel for how a ride through the area would seem.

On this page the following index contains links to these additional photos, organized alphabetically by state within the US and by province within Canada and also within each state or province in cases of multiple entries.

Note: Due to the large number of photos, I’ve implemented a thunbnail picture list and integrated viewer. Clicking on any thumbnail image will display the image in the viewer panel. You can navigate forward or backward by pressing the left/right arrow keys or clicking on the chevrons («») in the lower left and right corners. Click on the viewer panel to close it.

Click on the link to a specific entry to see the additional photos: