Slow-Speed Practice in Boulder

While visiting KC from 6/18 to 6/23, I did not do much riding. Instead, it was a welcome rest period for me and also good opportunity to practice some low-speed riding skills. As I mentioned in my travelogue report during my stay Boulder, we found a suitable practice area behind the local DMV office.

As we each rode the course for the exercises, the other took photos. Since the cameras could not take photos rapidly enough for a slideshow, KC selected photos into a suitable sequence to create a reasonably good slideshow, which he then posted on his Photobucket webpage. He’s riding his red Harley and I’m on my blue Kawasaki. Click on this link to “View as Slideshow“. [Update: It seems that KC no longer has his photo page on the Photobucket website. I’ll try to find and repost the photos.]

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