Summer 2012

Due to large number of photos taken during my extensive travel in Colorado, it’s necessary to put them into groups according to area in chronological order. I’ve also noted the date of my visit to each area.

Click on the link to the area of interest.

  1. Kansas/Colorado Border to Salida, CO (June 17)
  2. Salida to Boulder (June 18)
  3. Slow-Speed Practice in Boulder (June 20)
  4. Boulder to Avon (June 23)
  5. Steamboat Springs Tour (June 24)
  6. Independence Pass Tour (June 25)
  7. Cedaredge Lunch Tour (June 26)
  8. Lunch Ride to Leadville (June 27)
  9. Avon, CO to Green River, WY (June 28)

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