Summer 2011

This index page contains chronological links to nearly 100 maps that show each segment of my Summer Tour 2011. Each map image opens in a separate window.

  1. Overview Map of Entire Trip
  2. Florida to Georgia (June 21st)
  3. Dublin, GA to Reynolds Plantation (June22nd)
  4. Reynolds Plantation, GA to Johnson City, TN (June 25th)
  5. Lunch ride to Breaks Interstate Park (June 28th)
  6. Ride Twisties near Johnson City (June 29th)
  7. Johnson City, TN to Waynesboro, VA (June 30th)
  8. Waynesboro, VA to Montross, VA (July 1st)
  9. Montross, VA to St. Charles, MD (July 2nd)
  10. Montross, VA to Weston, WV (July 5th)
  11. Southeastern Ohio to Mason, MI (July 6th)
  12. Mason, MI to Escanaba, MI (July 7th)
  13. Escanaba, MI to Soldiers Grove, WI (July 8th)
  14. Soldiers Grove Tour (July 9th)
  15. Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin to Ladysmith, WI (July 10th)
  16. Ladysmith Tour (July 11th)
  17. Ladysmith, WI to Duluth, MN (July 12th)
  18. Ladysmith WI to Palisades State Park, SD (July 17th)
  19. Palisades State Park to Badlands National Park (July 18th)
  20. National Missile Museum & Badlands National Park, SD (July 19th)
  21. Black Hills & Custer State Park, SD (July 19th)
  22. Black Hills to Sturgis, SD (July 20th)
  23. Sturgis, SD to Devil’s Tower, WY (July 20th)
  24. Devil’s Tower to Colorado Border (July 21st)
  25. Colorado Border to Boulder (July 21st)
  26. Boulder – St. Vrain Canyon Loop (July 22nd)
  27. Boulder – Golden Gate Canyon Loop (July 23rd)
  28. Trail Ridge – Grand Lake Tour (July 25th)
  29. Flagstaff & Sunshine Canyons (July 27th)
  30. Risk Canyon (July 28th)
  31. Boulder – Pikes Peak (July 29th)
  32. Pikes Peak – Salida (July 29th)
  33. Salida – Gunnison (July 30th)
  34. Black Canyon of the Gunnison (July 30th)
  35. Ouray – Silverton (July 30th)
  36. Silverton – Moab (July 31st)
  37. Canyonlands National Park (Aug. 1st)
  38. Arches National Park (Aug. 1st)
  39. Moab – Kamas (Aug. 2nd)
  40. Kamas – Salt Lake City (Aug. 3rd)
  41. Kamas – Evanston (Aug. 4th)
  42. Park City Tour (Aug. 5th)
  43. Mt. Timpanogos-Alpine Loop (Aug. 6th)
  44. Kamas – Utah/Idaho Border (Aug. 7th)
  45. Utah/Idaho Border – Grand Teton (Aug. 7th)
  46. Yellowstone National Park (Aug. 8th)
  47. Gardiner, MT – Bozeman (Aug. 9th)
  48. Bozeman, MT – Yellowstone National Park, WY (Aug. 10th)
  49. Bozeman – East Glacier (Aug. 11th)
  50. Glacier National Park – Priest River, ID (Aug. 12th)
  51. Priest River, ID – Gig Harbor, WA (Aug. 13th)
  52. Gig Harbor – Seattle (Aug. 14th)
  53. Downtown Seattle (Aug. 14th)
  54. Gig Harbor Map (Aug. 15th)
  55. Olympic Peninsula Tour (Aug. 16th)
  56. Mount Rainier Tour (Aug. 17th)
  57. Seattle (Aug. 18th)
  58. Gig Harbor Tour (Aug. 19th)
  59. Whidbey Island & Deception Pass (Aug. 20th)
  60. Puget Sound (Aug. 22nd)
  61. Gig Harbor, WA – Portland, OR (Aug. 24th)
  62. Portland – Mt. Hood Tour (Aug. 25th)
  63. Portland – Astoria (Aug. 26th)
  64. Astoria – Tillamook (Aug. 27th)
  65. Crater Lake (Aug. 28th)
  66. Oregon Caves, OR – Redwoods Coast, CA (Aug. 29th)
  67. Redwoods Coast, CA (Aug. 30th)
  68. Bodega Bay – San Jose (Aug. 31st)
  69. San Jose – Yosemite (Sept. 1st)
  70. Yosemite – Big Sur (Sept. 2nd)
  71. San Luis Obispo – Tustin (Sept. 3rd)
  72. Lake Elsinore Tour (Sept. 5th)
  73. Griffith Observatory Tour (Sept. 6th)
  74. Queen Mary Tour (Sept. 7th)
  75. Newport Beach Tour (Sept. 10th)
  76. China Town Tour (Sept. 11th)
  77. Azusa, CA – Henderson, NV (Sept. 12th)
  78. Henderson, NA – Kingman, AZ (Sept. 13th)
  79. Kingman – Williams (Sept. 13th)
  80. Grand Canyon-South Tour (Sept. 14th)
  81. Flagstaff – Lake Powell & Page, AZ (Sept. 15th)
  82. Grand Canyon-North, AZ – Zion National Park, UT (Sept. 16th)
  83. Zion National Park (Sept. 16th)
  84. Zion National Park – Escalante (Sept. 16th)
  85. Escalante – Mexican Hat (Sept. 17th)
  86. Mexican Hat, UT – Four Corners, NM (Sept. 18th)
  87. Four Corners, NM – Silverton, CO (Sept. 18th)
  88. Silverton – Boulder (Sept. 19th)
  89. Coal Creek Canyon Tour (Sept. 21th)
  90. Mt. Evans Tour (Sept. 22th)
  91. St. Vrain-Golden Gate Canyons Tour (Sept. 23th)
  92. Boulder, CO – Newton, KS (Sept. 25th)
  93. Newton, KS – Branson, MO (Sept. 26th)
  94. Branson, MO – Little Rock, AR (Sept. 27th)
  95. Little Rock, AR – Starkville, MS (Sept. 27th)
  96. Starkville, MS – Lake City, FL (Sept. 28th)
  97. Lake City – Jupiter (Sept. 29th)