Yellowstone National Park (Aug. 10)

After the Bike Shack received and mounted the replacement rear tire on Wednesday, August 10th, I left Bozeman and headed back to Gardiner to resume my interrupted visit to Yellowstone National Park. However, I retained my room at the Days-Inn so that I could return that same evening and not have to look for a room elsewhere late in the day. The photos from my ride on Monday before the tire was gashed can be seen here.

Since I only wanted to visit the western side of Yellowstone National Park, including Old Faithful, I decided to reenter the Park through the Northern Entrance from Gardiner and resume my originally planned route to visit the geyser and then exit the Park at the Western Entrance. I returned to Bozeman for the night, where I kept my room at the Days Inn. (Click on map to enlarge.)

My route from Bozeman to Gardiner, along the western segment of the Grand Loop Road in Yellowstone to the Old Faithful Visitors Center, I exited the Park at the Western Entrance and returned to Bozeman

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