Yellowstone National Park (Aug. 8)

This Monday, August 8th, started out well and I first rode back south to Jackson Lake to take additional photos of the area and mountains under better weather and lighting conditions.

Yellowstone National Park is very large and it takes quite a while to see much of it.  I decided to take the Grand Loop Road counter-clockwise and to explore by taking side excursions towards the east and northeast entrances. After I passed the Northeast Entrance heading west, my rear tire was gashed by a shard of metal and I was forced to stop and wait for a tow truck. Read the whole report in my e-mail message posted here.

The following map shows my actual route from Jackson Lake to the location of the flat tire. After the tire was replaced, I returned to Yellowstone to continue my excursion. Photos from that day’s trip can be seen here.  (Click on map to enlarge.)

My route through Yellowstone until the flat tire just west of the Tower Falls Visitor Center

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