Devil’s Tower

After leaving Sturgis, I headed northwest along Hwy 34 to Belle Fourche and Hwy 24 towards Devil’s Tower National Monument near Hulett, Wyoming.  My travelogue report for this segment of my trip can be read here.

The following map segment shows my route. (Click on map to enlarge.)

My route from Sturgis, South Dakota to Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Terrain along Hwy 24

Approaching Turn-off to Devil's Tower

K.O.A. Campground at Devil's Tower

View of Devil's Tower from near the Visitors Center

Meadow for tents at K.O.A. campground

Side view of my campsite

My campsite at the Devil's Tower K.O.A.

The next morning I took this photo to show Devil’s Tower with the eastern side illuminated by the Sun.

Morning in the Devil's Tower K.O.A. campground

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