Seattle Market

On Sunday August 14th, Fulton and Isabel suggested that we drive into Seattle and visit the famous Pike Place Market. What a great idea!  After an hour’s drive, we arrived in Seattle, parked the car in a pay-lot and walked to the market. To me it seemed much more like a middle-eastern bazaar, with very numerous small shops, often overflowing with merchandise, most having nothing to do with seafood, and all crammed into a three- or four-story building. I took several photos both inside and outside the market as well as during the car trip. Many of them show people who patronize or staff the market as they go about their regular activities. Most indoor photos were without flash and some needed to be corrected on the computer.

Since we rode in Fulton’s car, I don’t have a GPS track-log of the exact route. Instead I have a regional map with our route from Gig Harbor to Seattle in magenta and a city map of the area around the market and with the location of the Space Needle indicated.  (Click on a map to enlarge.)

Regional overview with route from Gig Harbor to Seattle

The area around Pike Place Fish Market including the Space Needle

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