Olympic Peninsula

On Tuesday August 16th, I went on a lengthy ride around the entire Olympic Peninsula, a trip that I had been wanting to do again for many years. The weather was quite good and the traffic was mostly light. I did not enter the Olympic National Park on this ride, although in retrospect, I wish I had. My previous visit to this area was during one of my three motorcycle trips in the early 1980’s from southern California to British Columbia. At that time I camped out and had a view of a lake, probably Lake Quinault near US-101 at the southern tip of the Park.

The following map shows my route this time around the Olympic Peninsula. (Click on a map to enlarge.)

My route from Gig Harbor, counterclockwise around the Olympic Peninsula and back to Gig Harbor

There are far few photos from this trip than usual, since I left the battery to my Fujifilm camera in the charger and didn’t discover that until well into the trip. Thus I could only use the Panasonic video camera for still photos when I made stops along the route.

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