Mount Rainier

On Wednesday August 17th, the splendid weather promised to be perfect for a trip to Mount Rainier National Park. After entering the park, I spotted another motorcyclist on a cruiser ahead of me. At a viewpoint I had the opportunity to get acquainted with Ralph from Seattle on a day ride. Together we continued our exploration of the Park and he took several pictures of me with my camera, and I likewise for him.

The following map shows my route to and from the Mount Rainier National Park. (Click on a map to enlarge.)

My route to Mount Rainier

Although I took most of these photos with my Fujifilm camera, I utilized the Panasonic video camera’s 14x zoom lens at the Sunrise Visitor Center to take several closeups of the top of Mount Rainier, which are the last five photos in this collection (filenames S1110010s thru S1110014s).

With so many expansive views of the scenery near the mountain, I took numerous photos that I later combined into several panoramic photos to depict the magnificent scenery.

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