Crossing Washington

After starting the day in Priest River, Idaho, I considered stopping along the way, since the route would take me nearly 10 hours to cover the 485 miles, mostly on state highway 20, which crosses the Cascades Mountains just south of the Canadian border. However, after researching the few, but expensive lodging and even fewer camping opportunities along the route, I decided to ride straight through to my cousin’s home in Gig Harbor. Since the weather was perfect and the rather light traffic along Hwy 20 through the mountains caused only minimal delays, I easily crossed the entire state of Washington in one day, arriving just before 9 PM. My cousin Fulton and his wife Isabel were kind enough to hold a luscious steak dinner until I arrived. What a wonderful feast for a hungry traveler!

After I reached the turnoff from WA-20 onto WA-530, the afternoon sun made photography more difficult due to the long shadows. As the traffic became heavier and the sun’s glare worsened, I needed to pay full attention to driving safely instead of taking photos.

The following map shows my route from Priest River to Gig Harbor. (Click on map to enlarge.)

My route from Priest River, Idaho to Gig Harbor, Washington, mostly along WA-20

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