Mount Hood & Columbia River

After arriving yesterday at my cousin Mahlon’s home in Portland, we decided to drive by car first to downtown Portland and visit the Portland Art Museum to explore the travelling exhibit called “The Allure of the Automobile.” Afterwards we drove east to Mount Hood, where we enjoyed lunch in the Timberline Lodge, before returning to Portland along the Columbia River. You can read my travelogue report for that excursion here. Needless to say there were many more interesting automobiles and scenery to photograph than I was able to include in that travelogue report.

Since the day’s outing consists of two distinct parts with numerous photos from each one, I have spread them across two pages. The current page contains photos from the excursion to Mount Hood and the Columbia River.  The photos from the auto exhibit are on the page “Portland Art Museum.”

In the following map the red arrows show our complete route. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

Our route by car to downtown Portland, Mount Hood and return along the Columbia River

Photos taken with FujiFilm camera:


Photos taken with Panasonic video camera:


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