On August 26th I departed from Portland and returned to Astoria, where I visited my other cousin, Mike, in the afternoon and overnight. Please refer to my travelogue article to read about my short stay there, my visit to the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and my journey south along the Oregon Coast.

On the segment from Portland to Astoria, I did not take any photos, rather just enjoyed the ride along US-26, also called the Sunset Highway from Portland to Seaside. I then followed the Lewis and Clark Road along the Lewis and Clark River to Astoria.

In the following map the red arrows show my route from Portland to Astoria. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

My route from Portland to Astoria

The morning of Saturday August 27th, Mike and I met my other cousin Diane for breakfast and to reminisce. Afterwards I toured the Maritime Museum for several hours and took numerous photos of the displays.

Just after 2 PM I departed Astoria to continue my journey along the Oregon Coast to Tillamook. Photos from that segment can be seen here.

I took this group of photos in Astoria and at the Columbia River Maritime Museum.


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