Summer 2011

After a good night’s rest at the EconoLodge in Newton, Kansas, the next morning on September 26th I resumed my journey across Kansas and entered Missouri about four hours later around 1:40 PM just north of Joplin. My travelogue update for this section of the trip can be read here.

The adjoining map shows my route for the day. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

My route from Newton, Kansas via Nixa to Branson, Missouri

As I mentioned in the travelogue update, I had made arrangements to visit Ronnie Agostini near Nixa, Missouri. Upon arriving about 3 PM I was invited to stay for pot roast dinner. Who can turn down a good home-cooked meal after such a long journey with mostly restaurant fare? I certainly couldn’t!  He showed me his well-equipped workshop, where he made the highway pegs that I had installed on my motorcycle and used quite frequently during my journey.

After dinner he lead me on some interesting roads to Branson, where I had a motel reservation waiting. Before we left, his wife took this photo of us in his driveway.

Ronnie Agostini with me at his home in Nixa, Missouri

As we were driving along a nearby road, we spotted a hot-air balloon taking off. Although I didn’t stop to photograph it, I did get a nice shot of it just as it cleared the trees.

A hot-air balloon launching just before sunset

By the time we reached Branson, it was nearly dark, but light enough that I could see some of what attracts people to that area. I will have to pay that region another visit when I can spend more time there. After we parted company, he returned home and I checked into the motel.

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