After first cleaning the frost off my motorcycle at the Prospector Motel, I departed on September 19th from Silverton for the final segment to Boulder, where I visited my friend K.C. again. The chilly morning made for a pleasant and beautiful ride over Red Mountain Pass, through Aspen, over Independence Pass, through Leadville and along I-70 towards Denver.

In the following map the red arrows show my route. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

My route from Silverton through Aspen to Boulder, Colorado

Along the way I took over 50 photos. Some stretches of road along Highway 82 on the west side of Independence Pass are quite narrow with many curves and no centerline. Since I was riding with and following another motorcycle from Maryland, I didn’t feel safe taking photos while moving. However, I did use my Contour video camera to record my ride.  In the future I intend to make the video available for viewing by visitors to this website. In the meanwhile, here is a sample frame from that video.

Riding up west side of Independence Pass on Hwy 82

The photos taken the previous afternoon on my trip from Durango to Silverton can be viewed here.  Photos taken after my arrival in Boulder can be viewed here.

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