Newport Beach

My route from Azusa to Newport Beach, Cooks Corner and return

In the 1980s when I lived in southern California, I met many people through amateur radio, and some of them became friends and are still living in that area. After putting my motorcycle into the shop for two days to have the 15K routine service interval performed, I was eager to ride around the area again. For September 10th, I made arrangements to visit one of them, Terry Lewis, who maintains a photography studio on Balboa Island in Newport Beach.

In the adjacent map the red arrows show my round-trip route across the Los Angeles area from Azusa to Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Afterward I made an excursion up El Toro Road to Cooks Corner, where someone told me that numerous motorcyclist congregate on Saturdays and ride some of the twisty roads in that area. Finally I joined my friend Ken Caplin in Irvine for dinner, before returning to Azusa. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

The following photos show scenes in the Newport Beach area, plus custom motorcycle at Cooks Corner.


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