Lake Elsinore

On September 5th I decided to visit the Lake Elsinore area where I used to enjoy riding my KZ1000 when I lived in Costa Mesa in the early 1980s. Although the weather was not picture perfect, I enjoyed the opportunity to see what had changed over the years. Unlike on weekends, the road and the scenic overlook were not very busy on this weekday Monday.

My travelogue report for the ride through area can be read here as part of the report covering several days.

In the following map the red arrows show my route from the motel in Tustin to Lake Elsinore. On the return leg, I stopped in Irvine to visit my good friend Ken. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

My route from Tustin to Lake Elsinore and back

Again, I took only these few photos from the scenic viewpoint overlooking Lake Elsinore. Three photos make up the panoramic photo.

Panoramic photo over the Lake Elsinore valley

At the scenic overlook, the Lookout Road House, housing both a restaurant and bar, is normally a very popular hang-out, except on this weekday Monday.

View to the east from the overlook with rain clouds in the distance

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