Hoover Dam & N.W. Arizona

On Tuesday, September 13th, I departed from the Fiesta Henderson Hotel and Casino in Henderson, Nevada and headed east a short distance to the Hoover Dam.  This photo gallery shows views of the Hoover Dam area from various vantage points. My travelogue article about my visit to the Dam and trip across northern Arizona can be read here.

Years ago I had already taken a tour of the dam’s interior, which was very interesting to do; this time I decided to skip the tour. Also due to the large number of other tourists visiting the dam and thus filling any slots on the tours, I would have had a significant delay and might have gotten caught by thunderstorm activity arriving from the south within an hour or two.

After leaving the Dam, I first headed toward Kingman, Arizona, turning north onto Pierce Ferry Road, which leads to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which I had intended to visit. But when I unexpectedly encountered the end of the paved road, I turned around and continued to Kingman. My motorcycle is not suited to travel on such an unpaved road and could be at risk of an accident or spill due to the soft dirt, mud or rocks I would encounter. It was readily apparent from the ruts that the road had not been graded in some time.

After reaching the Stockton Hill Road to Kingman, the weather really got threatening. XMWeather on my GPS showed me how my path would intersect the rain zones. Thankfully I had already stopped to put on my rain gear about 7 miles after crossing the Hoover bypass bridge.

In the following map the red arrows show my route from Henderson to Kingman. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

Route taken Sept. 13, 2011 from Henderson, NV to Hoover Dam to Kingman, AZ

In the following map the red arrows show my route Kingman to Williams, Arizona. Due to the inclement weather, I did not take any photos on this segment of my route. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

My route from Kingman, partially along the famous Route-66, to Williams, AZ

The following photos were mostly taken with my Fujifilm camera. The last eight were taken using my Panasonic video camera in still photo mode since it has a better telescope lens for the distant photos.


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