Thomson to Galax

Autumn 2012

On August 15, 2012 I departed from Jupiter and headed north along I-95 on my way to Georgia. Having traveled this route several times already, I didn’t feel motivated to take any more photos on this first leg of the trip. My travelogue update after reaching Thomson, Georgia on day #1 of the trip can be read here.

After stopping in Thomson for the night, I continued north into South Carolina and North Carolina. Just north east of Hendersonville, I stopped to tour Chimney Rock State Park.

After taking several photos around Chimney Rock, including a large group of foreign university students from Italy, as I recall, I met up with the Blue Ridge Parkway near Morganton, NC. Final stop for the day was at a motel in Galax, Virgina.

My travelogue update after reaching Galax, Virginia on day #2 of the trip can be read here.

The following map shows my route for the day. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

My route from Thomson, GA to Galax, VA

The first group shows the segment from Thomson, Georgia to Chimney Rock, North Carolina.


The second group shows my visit to Chimney Rock.


The third group shows my ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway until nearing Galax.


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