Autumn Tour 2012


On August 15, 2012, I embarked on a planned six-week tour of the northeastern United States and the maritime provinces of Canada. The first major event that I had planned to attend was the MSTA rally called Mail Pouch Fly-By in Marietta, Ohio on August 24-26.

My first destination was Alexandria, Virginia to visit my step-brother and family for a few days. From there I rode across Maryland and West Virginia to Marietta for the rally.

On Friday, August 24th, the day after arriving in Marietta, I was out riding with another MSTA member when I had a solo accident with my motorcycle while coming around a curve. During that event, my left foot was severely injured and my motorcycle was seriously damaged. This event has thus cancelled my travel plans for touring New England. After recovering from my injuries and replacing my motorcycle, I fully intend to make more trips next year, including to New England.

For this Autumn trip, I sent out daily e-mail travelogue reports with only a few photos and also posted them to this website at the same time or as soon afterward as feasible. After returning home, I have revised some of the reports on the website.

As on my previous trips, I again used the Spot Messenger device and Spotwalla web service to track my path and current location during my journey. The following image is the summary tracking map from that shows my route from Jupiter to the accident site in Ohio:

The photos in each of the following postings are at reduced size and resolution to display quickly within a posting. Please click on the image with the mouse to view the higher resolution photo in a new window in your web browser. Some panoramic photos will be wider than the browser window and you may need to scroll the view horizontally to see the entire image. Recent versions of Internet Explorer will automatically resize a large photo to fit within its window. When that happens, the mouse pointer turns into a magnifying glass with a small “+”. Click on the photo again to see the full size photo.

Since I usually take many more photos than can be included in the travelogue reports, most of them will eventually be available under the “Additional Photos” menu, grouped by state and titled by the area, topic or destination. The maps from each day’s travel are also collected under the “Maps” menu.

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