Day ride towards Chattanooga, TN (June 19, 2016)

For our motorcycle excursion on Sunday, June 19th, during my weekend visit with Ken and Vicky in Murfreesboro, we decided to ride towards the southeast in the general direction of Chattanooga. Since Ken had not yet explored that area since relocating from Michigan, he was interested in riding there also.

The following tracking map shows our route. Although our return path seems close to I-24, we actually rode along US-41, which runs parallel to the Interstate and is much more scenic with much less traffic.

The route of our day ride on June 19

The route of our day ride on June 19th

Since our ride was not particularly long, we started the day with just coffee and planned to stop for breakfast along the way, and thus headed out just before 9 AM CDT. Once we reached US-70S on the east side of Murfreesboro, we enjoyed the open highway.

Although I wanted to take photos in the more scenic areas along our route, the views were often blocked by thick stands of trees. Thus I have selected just two photos to share in this report.

This first photo shows the view eastward about 20 mins into our ride. Ken is leading on his new 2016 BMW S1000R motorcycle that he had bought within the previous week.


Just a few minutes further along, we came into the town of Woodbury. As we passed the Cannon County Court House, I snapped this second photo of the stately building, albeit slightly late to center it properly in the frame.


As we approached McMinnville around 10 AM CDT after riding for nearly an hour, we decided to stop at Billy’s Restaurant for breakfast. Being a quiet Sunday morning, we had excellent service. Just before 11 AM CDT, we resumed our ride and continued south along TN-56.

McMinnville is near the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau. Thus much of our ride would take us through some of that geologic area.

Hwy 56 passes through some very scenic terrain with twisty roads and parallels the Middle Prong Collins River until near Beersheba Springs, where it veers westward to Altamont and then south. From Altamont we continued westward along TN-50 until nearly reaching Pelham near the junction with I-24. We continued eastward along Clouse Hill Road to Tracy City, where we briefly rejoined TN-56 until reaching US-41. We then continued westward along US-41 to Monteagle where the highway turns northward towards Nashville for our final leg of the day’s excursion.

Just before 2 PM CDT we arrived back at Ken’s home in Murfreesboro after our nice ride. We both certainly enjoyed the excursion and I look forward to returning to Tennessee to explore more of its scenic areas.

That concludes this travelogue report for June 19th. The next day I resumed my journey towards Vermont. More about that day’s ride in my next report.


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