Ferndale, WA to Arlington, OR (August 28, 2015)

This travelogue report covers my journey on Friday, August 28th, from Ferndale, WA to my cousin’s farm near Arlington, OR for a second visit during this summer’s tour. Please read my previous report for my stay with Doyle at his beautiful home on the shore of the Strait of Georgia.

The following map shows my route for this day’s journey of 399 miles, unfortunately under an overcast sky for nearly the entire distance.

My route from Ferndale, WA to Arlington, OR

My route from Ferndale, WA to Arlington, OR

After a good night’s rest at Doyle’s home, we had breakfast together before I packed up my motorcycle. After he took a couple photos of me outside, I thanked him very much for his wonderful hospitality and departed for the next leg of my journey at 9:30 AM PDT.


My route took me south along I-5 from Ferndale to the Conway, WA exit to WA-534. After refueling at the gas station near the exit, I continued towards the southeast on WA-534, which became WA-9 at Lake McMurray. Upon reaching Arlington, WA, I followed the Jordan Road along the east side of the South Fork Stillaguamish River through Granite Falls, WA, coming out the south side on Robe Menzel Road. This lead me south to North Lake Roesiger Road around the lake of the same name. This became Woods Creek Road, which I followed until reaching US-2 at Monroe, WA. I much prefer riding along such side roads rather than taking the much faster Interstate highway from Ferndale to Monroe since I can see more of what living in the area is like for the locals, plus there is usually much less traffic.

Since it was nearly noon by the time I reached Monroe, I decided to stop for lunch at the Subway sandwich shop. After a break for nearly 30 minutes along with a nice sandwich, I continued eastward along US-2 through the Snoqualmie National Forest, over Stevens Pass, through the Wenatchee National Forest and through Leavenworth, WA, to the junction of US-2 and US-97.

This next photo shows a view along the Wenatchee River shortly before reaching Leavenworth.


The town of Leavenworth is modeled after a Bavarian village in Germany. These next two photos show some of the buildings along US-2 through town. This town reminded me of Helen, Georgia, which also became a tourist attraction after it was remodeled similarly.

IMG_4646s IMG_4648s

In keeping with the German theme, some of the signs are also written in German.


Upon reaching US-97, I turned south and followed this highway through more of the Wenatchee National Forest to Ellensburg, WA. After bypassing Ellensburg on a very short section of I-90, I continued south along WA-821, a.k.a. Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway, which follows alongside the Yakima River to Yakima, WA.

These next several photos show views of the scenery along a nearly 18-mile segment of WA-821 through the Yakima River Canyon.

IMG_4651s IMG_4656s IMG_4661s IMG_4667s IMG_4677s IMG_4692s

From the city of Yakima, I resumed riding along US-97 south through the Yakima Indian Reservation to Oregon. I did not feel motivated to take any photos along this segment of my route. Upon reaching the Columbia River at Maryhill, WA, I once again crossed the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge to Biggs Junction, OR.

After refueling in Biggs Junction, I continued eastward for 25 miles along I-84 to the Blalock Canyon exit and then south another 14 miles to the farm of my cousin Diane and her husband Nick.

When I arrived at my destination at 5:31 PM PDT, she warmly welcomed me back. It was really nice to see them again 27 days after leaving earlier for my tour to Alaska.

That concludes this travelogue report for August 28th. Over the next two days, I rested, did laundry, and performed some electrical maintenance on my motorcycle. On August 31st, I resumed my journey towards home on the next leg to Nampa, Idaho. More about that day’s ride in my next installment.


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