Homer, AK to Glennallen, AK (August 21, 2015)

This travelogue report covers my journey on Friday, August 21st, from Homer along the Sterling Highway and Seward Highway, both AK-1, to Anchorage and then continuing along the Glenn Highway, also AK-1, to Glennallen, This began my return journey to Canada and the USA.

The following map shows my route for this day’s distance of 409 miles.

My route from Homer through Anchorage to Glennallen, AK

My route from Homer through Anchorage to Glennallen, AK

Following a wonderful breakfast at the Juneberry Lodge B&B in Homer, I departed on this day’s lengthier ride at 8:45 AM AKDT. This first photo, shared in the prior day’s report, shows the Juneberry Lodge along with my motorcycle loaded up and ready to head north.


Unfortunately the overcast weather from late the day before continued for this entire day’s journey. Thankfully it did not rain at all that day.

This first photo shows a panoramic view across Kachemak Bay from the lodge’s driveway.


Departing Homer along the Sterling Highway, I didn’t see much new to photograph for quite a while. Eventually I passed through the towns of Soldotna and Sterling.

The next few photos show views along the Kenai River just west of Kenai Lake. The rafters doubtless wish likewise that the weather were sunnier.

IMG_3951s IMG_3952s

When I crossed over the bridge at the end of Kenai Lake, I took another photo without the glare from the Sun. The calm water in the lake provided a good reflection of the mountains.


This next photo shows a view towards the north after leaving Kenai Lake.


A short distance further I came alongside Tern Lake just before the junction with Seward Highway, the terminus of the Sterling Highway. South from this intersection Seward Highway continues to the city of Seward on Resurrection Bay.

I took this next photo of the view northward across Tern Lake.


Continuing north along Seward Highway, AK-1, for a short distance, I came to Summit Lake and stopped at an overlook to take a few photos. This one shows a view across the lake towards the southeast.


When I reached Anchorage, I just continued through the city along AK-1 and finally stopped for fuel at 1:30 PM at a gas station adjacent to Merrill Field, the general aviation airport in Anchorage. After refueling, I ate a sandwich from the convenience store. Nearly 30 minutes later, I resumed my journey eastward towards Glennallen along the Glenn Highway, also designated AK-1.

Over an hour later after covering nearly 64 miles, I stopped for a break at an overlook adjacent to the Matanuska River and took photos to create this panoramic view.


Nearly 30 minutes later I spotted the sign for an interesting attraction and took this photo as I rode past. I can imagine that Zip-lining across the Matanuska River or Glacier would be thrilling.


Shortly after passing that side road, I took this next photo of the Matanuska Glacier. It’s a somewhat better view of the glacier than when I passed by it a few days earlier.


Another scenic photo taken about 12 minutes later.


Over the remaining hour until I arrived in Glennallen, I just enjoyed the ride and didn’t feel motivated to take any further photos.

Shortly after 5 PM, I arrived at the Antler’s Rest B&B in Glennallen, where I had made my reservation in advance through AirBnB.


The night cost me $106 for their Eagle’s Nest room.

IMG_4036-7s IMG_4040-1s

After my stay, I posted the following review for them on AirBnB:

“When I arrived, I called out Christy’s name and she came from their personal portion of the house and greeted me warmly. As is apparently common custom in Alaska, she requested that I not walk inside wearing my dirty motorcycle boots. The room was very spacious, clean, and well-appointed. The private bathroom was likewise very clean and nice. The king-sized bed was very comfortable. She asked what I would like for breakfast and at the requested time (7:15AM) fixed me coffee, eggs, bacon and two large waffles. All excellent! The common-area room was also spacious and well-appointed, although no TV. As I was the only guest that night, I was left alone most of the time. I noticed Christy’s husband walking past the window, but he did not chose to make contact at all during my stay.”

If I ever plan a stop in Glennallen again, I will certainly try to stay with them again.

For dinner that night, I decided to ride to the nearby Caribou Café on the property of the Caribou Hotel. The meal was just fine.

That concludes this travelogue report for August 21st. The next day I continued my journey towards Canada. More about that day’s travel in my next report.


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