Visited Pike’s Peak (July 29, 2011)

Hi All,

Today I resumed my journey after visiting my good friend K.C. in Boulder for a week. We had a really nice time together and I appreciate his hospitality and for showing me several very interesting motorcycle roads in his vicinity. Today he accompanied me and his other friend, Scott, to Pike’s Peak, which I had last visited in July, 1975. In the meanwhile, paving of the access road to the summit has nearly been completed, which makes the trip easier and much safer. However there are several sections along the road with sheer drop-offs!

On the way up, I took several pictures from the road. Although most did not turn out as I had hoped, this picture shows the mountain peak reasonably well:

Approaching Pikes Peak

Although we had reasonably good weather for the ride up to the summit, clouds moved in and obscured the view, particularly to the east. I did take this picture towards the west:

View to the west from summit of Pikes Peak

Here’s a picture that K.C. took of me at the summit:

At the summit of Pikes Peak

Due to the probability of rain tonight, I am staying in a motel in Salida, Colorado instead of camping out. In the morning I will continue towards Gunnison and to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. In 1975 I visited this national park and have been wanting to see it again.

The next stop for the night should be in or near Durango, Colorado, after I drive along the Million Dollar Highway, US 550, from Silverton to Durango. If the weather improves, I would like to camp out in the San Juan National Forest.

Have a nice weekend.


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