Boulder, CO to Newton, KS (Sept. 5, 2015)

This travelogue report covers my journey on Saturday, September 5th, from Boulder, Colorado to Newton, Kansas. The following map shows my route for this day’s nearly 9-hour journey of 508 miles, once again under a mostly sunny sky for much of the way.

My route from Boulder, CO to Newton, KS

My route from Boulder, CO to Newton, KS

After enjoying a nice breakfast with KC and thanking him for his hospitality, I departed Boulder by 8:30 AM MDT and headed towards Denver along US-36. Being a Saturday morning, the traffic was thankfully quite light and moving along briskly. As I left Boulder, I took these next two photos of the view across the city towards the mountains. The second photo shows the view over my shoulder along US-36.

IMG_5142s IMG_5143s

On the east side of Denver, US-36 merges into I-70. I continued along I-70 until I reached the town of Limon at 10:15 AM. By this time I had my fill of riding along an interstate highway. My route turned south onto US-287, which I followed as far as CO-96 in Eads. There I continued eastward into Kansas, where the road becomes KS-96.

When I finally reached the Kansas state line at 12:02 PM, I took this next photo of the solitary welcome sign. Strangely, the Mountain Time Zone extends into Kansas past the town Tribune, but west of Leoti. Thus it was another 20 miles (or so) before I lost an hour as I entered the Central Time Zone. Presumably there is a sign marking the location.


Continuing eastward along KS-96, there was not much to see except for occasional grain silos, cattle feedlots, or oil extraction equipment. I didn’t happen to photograph a feedlot, but did take these two photos of other items just west of Ness City at around 3:30 CDT.

IMG_5146s IMG_5154s

As I rode through Ness City, I took this photo of the Ness County Courthouse.


Nearby is a John Deere farm equipment dealership, which parks much of its new machinery across the highway from its main building.


Nearly 20 minutes later, as I came into the very small town of Alexander with only 65 residents, I stopped at a road-side rest area for nearly ten minutes. I noticed an historic marker and took this next photo of it.


Nearly 43 miles farther along, I came to Great Bend, the largest city along KS-96, and where KS-96 merges with US-56, which I continued along for another 53 miles to I-135 on the east side of McPherson.

Only ten miles east of Great Bend, I came to the town of Ellinwood. While stopped at a traffic signal, I took this next photo of the historic Wolf Hotel, but didn’t stop in.


After turning south on I-135, there were only 29 miles to my destination in Newton at the Days Inn motel, arriving there at 6:20 PM CDT. After checking in, I rode to the nearby Montana Mike’s Steakhouse for a very good dinner.

That concludes this travelogue report for September 5th. The next day I continued to make my way across the rest of Kansas, the southwestern corner of Missouri, and into northeastern Arkansas. More about that day’s journey in my next report.


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