Whitehorse, YT to Dawson City, YT (August 11, 2015)

This travelogue installment covers my journey on Tuesday, August 11th, from Whitehorse, YT to Dawson City, YT on my way towards Alaska.

The following map shows my route for this day’s journey of 331 miles / 533 km.

20150811 Whitehorse-Dawson City

My route from Whitehorse, YT to Dawson City, YT

At 9:12 AM PDT, I departed Whitehorse and headed up the Klondike Highway, YT-2, to Dawson City. Initially the sky was again overcast and sporadically threatened to rain lightly. About an hour after starting out, I rode alongside Fox Lake and took this photo towards the northwest.


A few miles further, I came to an unpaved, muddy section of road that was under repair. No problem thanks to the off-road tires.


Apparently Elk are the creatures to avoid in this area. Since the outline in this photo looks just like a Caribou to me, I looked up what the differences are and found this information.


More scenery with low-hanging clouds…


By the time I came to the community of Carmacks at the Yukon River at 11:15, I was ready to stop for a nice cup of coffee and to warm up. The air temperature was pretty chilly. When I spotted this sign alongside the road, I pulled in.

IMG_2688s IMG_2690s

There is also a small motel associated with the Sunrise Gas station.


In the restroom, I saw this humorous sign. (Sorry that it’s slightly out of focus.)


After I resumed my trip and rounded the bend in the road, I came to a stop at the Yukon River bridge due to another repaving project. The traffic was obliged to follow an escort vehicle through the construction zone. This photo shows us crossing the bridge.


After reaching the north side of the river, I took this next photo of a sign for a native interpretive center. I didn’t stop in there however.


Just a short distance further, I came to the Five Finger Rapids Recreation Site and stopped to take several photos of the view and the information panel on display.

IMG_2701s IMG_2707-8s IMG_2710s IMG_2702s

About an hour later, I approached the community of Pelly Crossing at the Pelly River. By now the weather was also improving nicely.

IMG_2718s IMG_2719s IMG_2721s

After crossing the bridge, I pulled off at an overlook high above the river and took several photos to create this next panoramic view of the scenery, as well as photos of two panels on display with historical information.

IMG_2727-9s IMG_2730s IMG_2732s IMG_2733s

Nearly 45 minutes further along, I approached the Stewart River and crossed its bridge.

IMG_2741s IMG_2743s

At the junction beyond the bridge is this sign. Too bad that people feel the need to mark up the highway signs with graffiti.


After another hour of riding, I took this next photo. The scenery is more or less the same for miles and miles.


Finally getting close to Dawson City…


At nearly 3:20 PM, I was at the outskirts of Dawson City and rode by the local airport,  which is also an international port of entry. The Yukon has its own provincial airline and doesn’t have to rely solely on single-engine bush planes.


As I entered Dawson City, the architecture of the buildings reminded me of old-west movies from the 1960’s, such as this building now housing a Chinese restaurant.


Nearby is the local police station for the RCMP.


I followed my GPS directions to the Aurora Inn where I had made my reservation. I took this photo later after touring around town. My motorcycle was parked under the grey cover.


The inn is very nice inside, decorated in central-European decor, and has spacious rooms. After the currency conversion factor of 0.77, the night cost me $169. My room was on the second floor just above where my motorcycle was parked. I took these next several photos of the interior of my room.

IMG_2796-7s IMG_2798-9s IMG_2802s IMG_2803s

The guest book in my room contained articles about the history of the Inn and the city.


In the second-floor hallway, several items decorate the wall, including a large moose antler.


After settling into the room, I decided to ride around Dawson City while the daylight was still so nice. I took numerous photos in the city and along the Yukon River.

As I was about to do that, I met Jacques and Helen Rohen, an Australian couple touring on a rented BMW R1200GS motorcycle very similar to mine. They were likewise guests at the Aurora Inn. We later met for dinner in the Inn’s restaurant. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of them.

This first photo shows a panoramic view of the river at the ferry crossing and the second is a telescopic view of vehicles boarding the ferry.


The paddle-wheel tour boat, Klondike Spirit, happened to be heading upstream while I was there. I took this still photo of it and also recorded about 30 seconds of video and sound. Click on the embedded video viewer to watch it.


A view across Front Street from the city park along the river.


On dry dock is the retired stern-wheel paddle steamship SS Keno.


Photos of several more buildings and a church.

IMG_2833s IMG_2834s IMG_2841s IMG_2846s IMG_2848s

The Dawson City Post Office from 1900 is still in use…

IMG_2849s IMG_2851s IMG_2853s IMG_2854s

As I mentioned earlier, I met Jacques and Helen for dinner that evening in the Aurora Inn’s restaurant. It was packed!  Fortunately we had requested a table and were thus seated immediately. The dinner was excellent and not outrageously expensive at $39 with beverage (beer as I recall).

That concludes this travelogue report for August 11th. The next morning I had breakfast in the Aurora Inn’s restaurant before resuming my journey to Alaska. The next night I would be in Fairbanks, AK. More about that day’s journey in my next report.


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