Summer Tour 2013 – Day #38 (7/18/2013)

Hi All,

Although the clouds around Mt. Rainier had yet to dissipate, I was still enjoying the view from my cousin’s home in Gig Harbor, Washington, where I was until Wednesday morning. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m continuing to send out my travelogue reports in chronological order, even though my journey has now progressed all the way to the Pacific Northwest.

Thus today’s installment for Thursday, July 18th covers my visit to Paul Blouin’s Triumph dealership in Augusta, Maine for the routine 20K service on my motorcycle. I arrived for my service appointment shortly after 8 AM and settled into the reasonably comfortable waiting room with my computer. I used the free time and good Internet connection to prepare and send out two travelogue updates.

With no travel this day, there is no map to share. Instead I have several photos taken while waiting for the service to be completed. This first photo shows the exterior of the dealership.

Paul Blouin's dealership

Paul Blouin’s dealership

As with other dealerships I’ve visited during my journey, their showroom has a good stock of motorcycles and also two Mazda cars.

IMG_8054-5s IMG_8056-7s

While waiting in their comfortable customer lounge and using their WiFi to access the Internet, I took this photo using the self-timer in my camera.

Self-timer photo of myself in the customer lounge

Self-timer photo of myself in the customer lounge

As the mechanic was nearly finished working on my motorcycle, I was able to take this photo of him in the shop area.

Mechanic who performed the 20K maintenance on my motorcycle

Mechanic who performed the 20K maintenance on my motorcycle

Since it had gotten rather late in the day when the service was finished, I decided to return to the same Super-8 motel in the evening and had dinner at Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant once again. As we were finishing the paperwork before leaving, the mechanic and service manager were happy to pose for this photo. ( I wish I had made note of their names.)

Service manager and mechanic

Service manager and mechanic

Upon leaving for the motel, I noticed that two relatively minor items on my work-order had not been done, so I immediately notified the service manager of the oversight. We agreed that I bring the bike in again the next morning for that to be done.

That concludes my travelogue report for July 18th. More about the next day’s journey in my next installment, including my attempt to ride to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

Best regards from Gig Harbor, Washington,

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