Update on Trip from Avon to Green River

As a follow-up to my posting on Thursday from Green River, I thought I would share a few of the photos I took along the way during the trip from Avon, Colorado to Green River, Wyoming. Here is the map of my route.

My route from Avon, Colorado to Green River, Wyoming, via Dinosaur National Monument and Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Heading west along I-70 from Avon, the scenery is not that spectacular until after the Eagle and Colorado Rivers merge just west of Gypsum.  In particular the stetch of I-70 through the Glenwood Canyon, starting about 15 miles east of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is quite remarkable. After many years of wrangling, highway engineers and other interested parties finally agreed on a plan to construct I-70 through the Canyon as two separate roadways on pillons. The result is a split-level highway mostly on the north side of the Colorado River and the previously built Union-Pacific single-track rail line on the south side.

During my stay in Avon for the MSTA rally, I had occasion on Tuesday to ride through the Glenwood Canyon once in each direction and on Thursday once in the westward direction as I was on my way to Green River. Both times I took numerous photos of the Canyon. In this posting I will share the photos taken on Thursday. Another posting will share the photos taken on Tuesday.

This first photo shows the entrance to the Canyon, where the roadway has not yet been split into two levels.

Approaching Glenwood Canyon from the east

This photo shows a view further into the Canyon, where the roadway has been split and the westbound level is on pillons. The rail line can be seen on the left side alongside several telephone poles.

Further along into the Glenwood Canyon

This next photo shows how the upper level roadway passes through a tunnel. The eastbound level goes around the obstruction.

Approaching the first tunnel for the upper roadway level

This next photo clearly shows the westbound roadway on the pillons, the eastbound roadway along the north side of the Colorado River, and the rail line on the south side.

The westbound roadway on pillons

This next photo shows the highway approaching a bend with a tunnel just beyond.

The roadways are returning to the same level as the highway approaches another tunnel around the next bend

This next photo shows the tunnel as the highway crosses to the southern side of the Colorado River.

Approaching a dual tunnel as the highway crosses to the other side of the Colorado River

As I get closer to Glenwood Springs, I start seeing people in rafts along the Colorado River, such as the three red rafts in this photo.

The Canyon widens a bit and river rafts can be seen as the highway nears Glenwood Springs

After passing through Glenwood Springs, I turned north on Highwy 13 at Rifle. The landscape became increasingly arid. However I did spot several homes and farms along this road. This photo show one such home nearly 10 miles north of Rifle.

A home along Hwy 13 about 10 miles north of Rifle

After turning west onto Hwy 64 at Meeker, the scenery remains very arrid, but the highway is adjacent to the White River and offers irrigation water for farms.

Hwy 64 follows along the White River west of Meeker

As I approached the town of Rangely, Colorado, I was surprised to come upon the large Kenney Reservoir, which is fed by the White River.

The Kenney Reservoir just east of Rangely

For this part of my travel, I had planned my route to include the Dinosaur National Monument as well as the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. After stopping at a Subway shop in Rangely for lunch, I continued to Dinosaur N.M. and stopped at the visitors center. The lonely ranger seemed pleased to have a few visitors.

I then rode north into the monument to the end of the paved road, nearly 32 miles, taking pictures along the way, but not seeing any dinosaur remains. Any remains found were apparently put on display in the Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center, which I did not stop to visit.

At the Echo Park Overlook, I took several photos to create this panoramic photo of the view into the canyon.

Panoramic view from Echo Park Overlook

While on my way back to the entrance to the Monument, I came to a view of the valley below and decided to take this photo.

View along the roadway in Dinosaur National Monument

The next scenic area along my route to the town of Green River was the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, a huge geologic area fed by the Green River. Unfortunately quite a lot of haze and smoke in the sky from forest fires in the area obscurred the view of the Gorge.  I did take this photograph showing a portion of the reservoir from an overlook along Utah Hwy 44.

View of a portion of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir from along Utah Hwy 44.

After arriving at the Super-8 motel in Green River, Wyoming, I spotted a nail in the rear tire of my motorcycle. Since it seemed to be holding air still, I decided to leave it until morning and check again before continuing on to Evanston, where I had scheduled an oil change.

That concludes my travelogue report for June 28th.


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